Sunflowers sent to Elena

A collage made on a brown paper bag envelope. The sunflowers come from a collage sheet I got on Mike Deakin’s website.

Received from David Stanley Aponte

David sent me so many goodies that I could not scan all of them. Here is only a selection.

More Starbucks bags

I told you there would be more. So here they are, more envelopes made from the Starbucks bags I got from Japan.

Paper bags from Christiane and Uwe

Two recent items sent by Christiane who uses bags and souvenirs she has brought with her from her last holidays in Sydney.

And some more paper bags from Uwe. The first one is an airline sick bag. I’m glad to see I’m not the only weirdo using this type of bag as envelope.

Mission Inspiration: October 2017

It's time for a new mission inspiration from Mike Deakin. First here are the prompts.

And here os the page I made.

Action / Reaction

To answer Piet’s contribution, I made a collage on a paper bag envelope for his call Action / Reaction.

September exchange: received from Hannah Trawick

Hannah took the opportunity of the September PTE exchange to send me an envelope made from a paper bag, that she decorated.